Sean keeps on pushing to help charities

Sean Allerton has only just completed a 500-mile wheelchair push for charity but he has already set is sights on further feats to help charities.

Mr Allerton, 48, was left a tetraplegic when he broke his neck in a motorcycle accident while he was serving with 34 Sqn RAF Regiment, in Cyprus, nearly 20 years ago. The squadron is now based at RAF Leeming, near Northallerton.

Inspired by The Proclaimers song 500 miles, Mr Allerton initially decided to push 500 miles unaided in one of his everyday wheelchairs – a task he achieved in sessions at various RAF bases across the UK in 10 months. Spurred on by his success, he pushed 500 further miles in just five months thanks to a fantastic British summer.

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Not content to leave it there, Mr Allerton immediately embarked on yet another challenge – this time aiming to top 1,000 miles. He said: “At one point I managed to do 112 miles over four nights at RAF Church Fenton. It’s all about setting the rhythm and you just keep going. I don’t get bored because I usually see lots of wildlife.

“There are 8,000 miles in The Proclaimers’ song and while I can’t promise to do all 8,000, I will keep going while the charities need money and I have got my health. The charities have been life changing – help from them has really facilitated my life.”

Mr Allerton has been able to build a new life in his own home thanks to his personal determination and the support of various charities such as the RAF Benevolent Fund and the Royal Air Forces Association. The keen fencer is studying for an Open University degree and, in 2011, learned to fly thanks to a Flying Scholarships for Disabled People scholarship.

His efforts are supporting four: the Royal Air Forces Association, RAF Benevolent Fund, Flying Scholarships for Disabled People and the RAF Charitable Trust.

He was joined for stretches of his journey by personnel from across station.