Setting the standard for workplaces

Leeds is expected to sign up to a national campaign designed to set the standards for better quality jobs, working and pay conditions.

Image of three business people working at meeting
ADOBE STOCK Image of three business people working at meeting

The TUC has published the Great Jobs Agenda with six particular criteria that employers should seek to adhere to.

In a report going before its Executive Board on Wednesday, Leeds City Council is set to discuss how it adheres to the six statements as it reveals that while experiencing the fastest private sector jobs growth of any UK city and the highest increase in the employment rate of any Core City there are still many working house-holds living in poverty.

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Seventy per cent of families receiving tax credits are in employment and 65,000 full time employed Leeds residents earned less than the Living Wage Foundation’s Living Wage in 2017.

The authority will also use its position to influence other employers in the city to adopt the same approach to The Great Jobs Agenda.

The six criteria covers

l A voice at work

l Fair and decent pay that is not just the minimum wage

l Guaranteed hours with a reduction in use of zero hours contracts

l Fair treatment and respect

l Learning and progression

l Safe, healthy workplace

The report said: “The city has a resilient economy and has benefited from strong growth since the recession but there is an evident need to tackle growing inequality and the lack of social mobility which limits the potential of individuals, who find themselves trapped in low skilled, low paid, and insecure employment.”