Shame over the mother and daughter working on Bradford's streets

GRANDMOTHER Christine Thompson told yesterday of her shame as it emerged that both her murdered daughter and her granddaughter had fallen prey to prostitution.

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Mrs Thompson, a 72-year-old retired school cleaner, spoke out as her 21-year-old granddaughter Kirsty Rushworth told of her fears that she would end up murdered like her mother Susan Rushworth, a heroin addict.

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Miss Rushworth has been reported as revealing she has a heroin and crack addiction and charges 30 a time for sex to feed the habit. "Even though my mum's been murdered and two other girls are dead, I'm still working the streets, I haven't got a choice.

"I'm in a world I can't get out of and I'm terrified I'll end up like my mum and the other girls."

Self-styled 'Crossbow Cannibal' Stephen Griffiths has been remanded in custody charged with Susan Rushworth's murder.

Mrs Thompson, of Thornton, Bradford, told the Yorkshire Post: "When I first found out about Kirsty...I couldn't believe it. But I have had to accept it. I think it would be about 18 months ago when I became aware.

"I was mortified – imagine going to bed thinking your daughter and your granddaughter have to do that to fund their drug habits. I have not seen Kirsty for a month but if and when I do see her I would say to her to get help.

"She came off everything last year – I took her away twice to Greece and heads were staring at her. She is gorgeous, tall and has a lovely figure. I have tried to take her out of it, I did everything I could. She lived with me for a year with her mum being missing."

Miss Rushworth said her mother was horrified the first time she found out that she had sold herself for sex telling her she couldn't understand why she had done it. But she said once her mother saw her with new clothes and money the two women ended up working the same street looking for punters.

She said that she had been clean for 18 months but when her mother went missing her world collapsed and she started using drugs again with the inevitable result that she found herself back on the streets funding her habit.

As for her mother's death she says she wanted to see the person who did it jailed for life and hopes that one day she can make something of her life that her mother would have been proud of.

She wishes people would remember her mother as more than just a prostitute, saying she was kind and caring with a heart of gold.