"She Saiz it's all I talk about": Man's hilarious poem about Leeds United goes viral

A Leeds United fan's tongue-in-cheek poem about his relationship woes has generated a huge buzz on social media.

It's not clear who the original author of the verse, which is being widely shared on Facebook, is.

The writer has used clever puns based on United players' names to tell an amusing tale of his obsession with the team.

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The poem reads:-

"Our lass has threatened to leave me because of my obsession with Leeds United. She Saiz it's all I talk about.

"I try my hardest to provide for her but it seems putting a Roofe over her head and food on the table just isn't enough.

"Granted it's not always been plain Ayling but this has come as a bolt from the blue. Things Grot a bit out of hand one night after a few too many Berardi and Cokes. She Phillips at the slightest thing after a drink.

"Anita to understand that she means the whole Wiedwald to me and we need someone to Pontus in the right direction.

"She's been to Elland back, bless her."