Sheffield band The Human League thank fans, promoters after pulling out of music festival

Sheffield band The Human League have issued a statement thanking fans and promoters after illness forced them to pull out of the Lytham Festival yesterday.

The band was forced to make the decision to cancel the set at the 11th hour, after one of the members fell seriously ill before the show in Lancashire.

This morning's statement said the musician was 'barely able to stand, let alone perform', forcing the synth-pop band to make the 'very difficult and uncomfortable decision' to pull out of the show.

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The statement said that it was the first time the band has had to cancel a show through illness.

The band thanked Scottish musician Midge Ure, who extended his set 'at almost no notice at all' to cover for them.

"We have no doubt he was fantastic and gave everyone at Lytham a wonderful performance, as indeed he always does," the statement read.

"So many thanks again Midge, we owe you one."

The band also thanked festival promoters Cuffe and Taylor.

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"They had less than 30 minutes to sort out an alternative plan for the rest of the evening in order to give the audience the best possible experience, and again, we are sorry for the situation they found themselves in."