Sheffield ex-soldier ‘back from brink’ with Legion support

SUFFERING with post traumatic stress disorder following his experiences in the Bosnian war, Robert Tyler was drinking heavily and ended up without a home.

He was serving with the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment when he killed a Bosnian soldier who had opened fire at his company. The incident left him mentally scarred.

After leaving the Army in 1996 he got married and had a family but his life fell apart in 2004 when his father died.

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Unable to cope with his loss, he turned to alcohol, his marriage ended and he became homeless.

Mr Tyler eventually contacted a support group for former service personnel which put him in touch with the Royal British Legion.

The Legion paid the rent and bond on a property and helped him with food vouchers as well as paying some outstanding bills.

Mr Tyler, 43, who lives in Woodseats in Sheffield, said the support of the Legion had helped him get his life back on course.

One day he hopes to work for the Legion as a case worker.

In his spare time he is a ‘recovery champion’ for an ex-Forces organisation.

He has applied to go on a Legion Poppy Break with his two daughters.

“I honestly don’t know where I’d be without the support I received from the Legion. I feel so lucky that, because I served, I have been able to get this help.

“It’s been great knowing that they are there for me when no one else could help. The Legion are very much a life-saver for a lot of people.

“I am still living with PTSD but I manage it a lot better.”

He is looking forward to a holiday: “I’ve applied for a Poppy Break; I’ve not taken my kids on holiday for years.”