Sheffield mother and daughter jailed over vicious screwdriver attack that left woman with punctured lung

'Get her, crucify her' a Sheffield mum shouted to her daughter, before she used a screwdriver to stab the woman they believed had been having an affair with their family member, a court heard.

Rose and Margaret Maughan were sentenced during a hearing at Sheffield Crown Court on Thursday, April 26

Rose Maughan and her daughter, Margaret Maughan, lured their victim back to her own flat just to attack her on the evening of September 17 last year, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

"At about 9.30pm the complainant received a call saying someone was at her home and she better get back there or they were going to smash the place up," said James Gould, prosecuting.

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The court was told how the Maughans' victim was known to them as the girlfriend of a man who is Rose and Margaret's son and brother, respectively.

She was drinking in a Sheffield pub with Rose's former partner, who is also Margaret's dad, when she received the threatening call; and the court heard how Rose and Margaret decided to carry out the attack after hearing rumours about the pair having an affair.

After receiving the call, the victim rushed back to her flat with a friend. After checking her home to see if anyone was there the victim began making her way back down the stairs when Margaret, 30, began attacking her.

"She was struck a number of times in what the complainant describes as a 'stabbing motion'," said Mr Gould, adding: "Margaret bit her forearm during the attack. Rose, who was a floor below, was shouting: 'Get her Mags, crucify her'. The attack continued and the complainant describes a massive swing at her using the screwdriver."

The victim was left with stab wounds to her chest, one of which punctured her lung, as well as a bite mark to her arm.

Rose, 53, and Margaret, both of Daresbury Road, Heeley, each pleaded guilty to one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm at an earlier hearing.

Defending Margaret, Christine Egerton, said Margaret accepted playing the larger role in the attack and to arming herself with a screwdriver.

Ms Egerton said: "She accepts she was wrong when she attacked the victim, she knows she will be punished, and more importantly, she knows she should be punished."

Rebecca Tanner, defending Rose, told the court how her client, who has problems with alcoholism, was in drink when she carried out the attack.

"The defendant is greatly appalled by her behaviour," said Ms Tanner, adding: "She feels responsible because she knows her daughter is fiercely loyal to her."

Judge Roger Thomas QC sentenced Rose to 15 months in prison, and handed Margaret a 30-month sentence.

He told the pair: "This was a serious and determined attack, obviously premeditated because it included a weapon."

Judge Thomas QC also granted restraining orders, which prevent the two defendants from contacting the complainant in the case.