Sheffield named among top ten cities for Britain's best-loved bosses

Sheffield has some of the country's best bosses.Sheffield has some of the country's best bosses.
Sheffield has some of the country's best bosses.
Workers in Sheffield love their bosses more than many other cities in Britain, according to a new survey.

The cities in the UK where Britain’s best and worst bosses are located have been revealed - and Sheffield made the top ten.

According to a survey of UK employees published in the One4all Rewards Review of UK Management whitepaper, workers in Manchester report having the highest opinion of their bosses - with 63% of employees rating their manager as either “good” or “excellent.”

Bigwigs in Southampton stole second place with 62%.

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Bosses in Leeds followed closely behind with 61% rated positively by workers while next were London (58%) and Glasgow (57%).

Sheffield (53%) saw the city secure tenth spot in the rundown.

Nationally, 56% of the UK workforce were positive about their boss’ performance - and just 13% described them as ‘poor’ - suggesting overall, British bosses are an effective and popular bunch.

Alan Smith, UK Managing Director at One4all Rewards, commented: “It’s great to see how many workers have a high opinion of their bosses around the UK - clearly, effective management is one of the British workforce’s strengths.

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“It is important to the success of businesses that workers view the individuals in the management team and their skills and abilities with respect. High standards and an effective, considerate working relationship permeate down throughout the workforce and can have a big impact on not only morale and the culture within the company, but also productivity, the quality of work being produced and staff retention rates."