Sheffield United fans' fury over "spitting on elderly Muslim woman" video - WATCH THE CLIP HERE

The woman in the viral "spitting" video. (Photo: Facebook).The woman in the viral "spitting" video. (Photo: Facebook).
The woman in the viral "spitting" video. (Photo: Facebook).
Angry Sheffield United fans have blasted a viral video which claimed celebrating Blades supporters spat at and threw beer over an elderly Muslim woman.

The clip, which was filmed on Sunday on London Road, has been shared thousands of times on Facebook and Twitter and shows a en elderly woman, described in the video as Muslim, claiming she has been spat at by supporters celebrating the club's League One title joy.

But many fans have blasted the clip, filmed outside the Barrel Inn, as fake and have questioned its authenticity.

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The clip shows the woman, clutching a carrier bag and a walking stick, telling an unseen voice that she has been spat on.

She shows the person filming the clip a pair of glasses which appear to be stained and the male voice says: "They spit on you?"

The woman replies "yeah," gesturing towards nearby Blades fans and the male voice replies: "Come on, walk. Walk far away from then. It's no good this."

A description of the video, shared on the Spotted Yorkshire Facebook page reads: "Absolutely disgusting. Shame on you Sheffield United Fans!! Sheffield United Football Club

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"These Sheffield United supporters spat on and threw beer on an old women because she is Muslim. She is old aged and walking innocently not harming anyone,this is unacceptable behaviour. Please share and spread awareness."

But angry Blades fans have blasted the video as "fake" and say that the incident simply didn't happen.

Curtis Bunn posted on Facebook: "Couldn't be any more obvious it's a fake. She's claiming that someone spat on her yet the spit is on the inside of the glasses when she will have surely been wearing them at the time of the 'incident.'

Connor Taylor added: "It was drink been sprayed about anything to play the racist card - never got spat on."

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Glen Carl wrote: "That didn't happen. I was walking past at a similar time - there was jumping around throwing beer in the air, she would have just got beer on her.

"That is a highly Muslim populated area so do you think she would have been the only person targeted, if she was they would have been a brawl plus the she shows spit on the inside of her glasses."

And Dan Wynne wrote: "Its more likely she got splashed with beer!! I was up there, and no one was paying attention to people walking past!"

Neil Powell posted: "The video doesn't show anyone being spat at or intimidated, just an individual making an allegation."

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Ruth Abbott wrote: "Needs reporting. No evidence this has anything to do with SUFC fans. It was bank holiday, did everyone else stay in then?

"And why does racism have to come into everything these days and finally why was he stood filming?? It was a set up."

We have contacted South Yorkshire Police for comment regarding the video.