Sheila Kettlewell, former mayor of Scarborough

Sheila Kettlewell, who has died at 79, was a former mayor and alderman of Scarborough, as well as a long-serving teacher and deputy head of Scalby School.
Sheila KettlewellSheila Kettlewell
Sheila Kettlewell

Born in Teesside, she had moved to Scalby with her family at eight, and became head girl at Scarborough Convent School.

She was elected as an independent councillor for Scalby, Hackness and Staintondale in 1991 but in 2005 crossed the floor to the Conservatives.

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After serving as deputy mayor in 1996, she became mayor in 2002 and served as mayoress to Hazel Lynskey in 2010.

She was, said Coun Lynskey, not only popular but also passionate about the borough.

“Everything she did was for the people. She made a difference and when she spoke, people listened,” Ms Lynskey said.

Miss Kettlewell worked at Scalby School for 31 years and turned down several opportunities to leave for a headteacher post.

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David Reid, the school’s current head, said: “When I started working at the school in 2000, it was clear everyone had universal respect for her. She was a big community player, a down to earth Scarborian. She brought pride to the area. She was a local solutions person who thought so highly of the town and area she represented.”

She was made an honorary alderman of the borough in 2007.