Sickness bug shuts Leeds primary

A Leeds primary school has been shut after it was hit by a widespread sickness bug.


Bramley Primary School temporarily closed its doors to pupils on Wednesday. It has since been undergoing what is described as a “deep clean” and is scheduled to reopen on Monday.

One local mum told the Yorkshire Evening Post as many as 60 pupils had been taken ill. Last night a spokesman for Leeds City Council confirmed details of the closure.

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He said: “We were made aware of a sickness issue at Bramley Primary School and have been working with Public Health England to advise and support the school.

“The school will reopen on Monday. No other schools in the area are affected.”

Yesterday (Dec 1) the school’s website home page included a link to an NHS guide to preventing the spread of norovirus, more commonly known as the winter vomiting bug.

The norovirus illness usually lasts two to three days and, while it can cause severe discomfort, should not have any lasting effects.

Health experts advise that sufferers should rest and drink plenty of clear fluids to keep hydrated, stay away from work or school and follow good hand hygiene practices.

People are initially encouraged not to go to their doctor or a hospital because there is no treatment other than letting “nature take its course”.

But if the symptoms show no sign of easing, people are advised to contact their GP.

Anyone with symptoms of nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, headaches and abdominal pains is also asked to avoid visiting friends and family in hospital until they are free from symptoms for at least 48 hours.

Bramley Primary is described on its website as a “busy but friendly” school. Plans to increase its number of pupils from 280 to 420 went before councillors in Leeds over the summer.

Writing on Facebook yesterday, one woman said her nieces had to be picked up from the school early on Wednesday afternoon as a result of the closure. Another woman posting on the YEP’s Facebook page said that it “must be pretty bad to close the school”.