Sir Bernard leaps to defence of Thatcher over assassination tale

Margaret Thatcher.Margaret Thatcher.
Margaret Thatcher.
AUTHOR Hilary Mantel has been criticised by Margaret Thatcher’s former press secretary Bernard Ingham over her short story about an assassin killing the former prime minister.

The story, published in The Guardian, has faced a barrage of criticism after the best-selling author said she was inspired after spotting the Prime Minister stood near her flat after an eye operation and imagined shooting her.

Called, The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher, it is to be published in a collection of short stories at the end of the month.

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Sir Bernard, the Yorkshire Post’s Wednesday columnist, said yesterday: “After 35 years since Margaret Thatcher came to office, nothing surprises me about the viciousness of her haters.

“I presume Hilary Mantel, whose work I have never read, having had her shot by the IRA, then dances on her grave.

“This is par for the vindictive anti-Thatcher genus.”

Baroness Thatcher survived a bomb attack in 1984 after the IRA bombed the hotel where the Tory party was holding its conference.

In an interview with the newspaper Mantel also talked about her “boiling detestation” of Thatcher describing her as “anti-feminist.”

Mantel could not be reached for comment.

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