Sister fears no justice for murdered Lindsay Jo Rimer

THE sister of a schoolgirl who was murdered 20 years ago has spoken of her fears that the killer may never be caught.

Lindsay Jo Rimer.

Kate Rimer was 20 when the body of her sister Lindsay Jo Rimer, 13, was found in the Rochdale Canal near Hebden Bridge.

She was last seen alive on the evening of November 7 1994.

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As the 20th anniversary of her disappearance was marked by a renewed police appeal, Kate Rimer, now 40 and living in Brighton, said she was “tired of hoping there will be an end to this story.”

In a public posting on Facebook, she said: “For 20 years my family and I have had to live with the constant reminder that this sad chapter of our lives is not over. Over the years you are able to distance yourself emotionally from the impact of murder, heal yourself (a bit), move on, move forward, but because we have been unable to find the person who killed my sister we live in a loop of horror that starts at the beginning of November and finally fades around April, only for it all to start over again the next time November rolls by.

Every November my family, our friends, the people of Hebden Bridge, the local police, all of us go through this cycle of requesting you know who did it? Did you do it? It’s awful, it doesn’t get easier and it doesn’t go away. We will probably have to live with this for the rest of our lives.

“So I’m not asking for information because I have no belief that the person responsible could care less about the impact on us, the punishment that we have been living through year after godforsaken year, I have no faith that they will see our appeals and feel that now is the time to confess and I’m tired of hoping there will be an end to this story.”

Ms Rimer said she wanted to use the anniversary to thank family, friends, the people of Hebden Bridge, police and media for their support.

She concludes by saying a few words for her sister: “To Lindsay, I’m so sorry you had to suffer through your last moments, so so sorry.”

The sisters’ mum, Geri Rimer, said she broke down while reading her daughter’s comments.

“The response has been incredible, with 2,000 shares (on Facebook) - we are completely overwhelmed.”

Ms Rimer, 62, added: “We have been doing this campaign for 20 years. We can’t let it go, we can’t forget about it. We would like to get the answers that we need. We pray and hope that there will be a solution. We do get deep despair - we know that somebody out there knows.

“I want justice for a little girl who has lost her life and the future that was in front of her.”

She praised police, saying: “From day one they have given 100 per cent. I am begging someone to come forward.”

Detective Superintendent Simon Atkinson of West Yorkshire Police said he was keeping an “open mind” about who was responsible but there was a good chance that Lindsay knew her killer.