South Yorkshire super scout racks up historic tally

SHE HAS flown, paddled, sailed and ridden, and it has all been worth it for South Yorkshire teenager Hannah Hunt who has become the first scout in the UK to complete all 91 badges.

Hannah Hunt, 14, of Penistone has become the first scout in the UK to complete every badge. Pic: Ian Hinchliffe/

The 14-year-old ‘super scout’ completed 82 activity badges and nine challenge badges, as well as the top award - the Chief Scouts Gold Award - by packing in a dizzying itinerary of outdoors adventures in the last 12 months.

With her mother, Lisa, a farmer, in tow, the teenager has travelled across the country to tick off the experience required to achieve the full complement of badges.

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Along the way she has paddled kayaks, flown in a glider, and has tried horse riding, dragon boating, geocaching and parascending.

She has learnt advanced aviation and nautical skills, sailed a dingy and has tried her hand at astronomy, circus skills and martial arts, among many other disciplines.

Miss Hunt, who is attached to the Penistone Scouts, her local group, said: “I think my favourite to earn was the parascending. It was just really fun going up the air being dragged behind a Land Rover.

“I have enjoyed every minute of completing each badge and my journey has taken me far and wide and I have met some incredible people.”

Her mother, Lisa, said the last year had been a busy one: “One weekend we could be in North Yorkshire gliding at Sutton Bank and the next dragon boating in Nottinghamshire.

“I feel like I have achieved each badge alongside Hannah and I cant express how proud I am of her as her mum.

“If you can believe it she only had 15 badges last March. Hannah missed out on going on a jamboree and decided to set herself the challenge of getting all the badges.

“She is starting work on her Duke of Edinburgh award but I’m hoping I’m going to get a break for a bit - it’s been very tiring, but worth it.”

Her daughter will soon be joining ‘Explorers’, the next section in the Scout Association.

Alison Lamb, the teen’s scout leader, added: “Hannah is a fantastic scout, as a leader in scouting we meet fantastic young people and Hannah typifies the calibre and enthusiasm of the children we see every day as volunteers for the scouting movement.”