Stunted fish to be given a new home

Thousands of fish in Leeds are set to get a new home tomorrow thanks to a project between anglers and the Environment Agency.

Fisheries officers from the Environment Agency will be moving 1,000lb of roach, perch and bream in a bid to free up more space for others to thrive.

With each fish weighing an average of six ounces, up to 3,000 fish could be moved in total.

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Members of Leeds and District Society of Anglers will be netting fish from Polo Pond in Kippax as part of a long term plan to improve the fishery.

Over the years the pond has become over populated and the growth of the fish has become stunted.

Once netted by the club’s members, the Agency’s fisheries officers will be transporting the coarse fish to their new home in the Aire and Calder Canal in Leeds and to Sandwath Lake in Church Fenton.

Environment Agency fisheries officer Peter Mischenko said: “We’re having to move some of the fish as there has been such a great growth in population over the last couple of years leading to the pond running out of space for them to swim and grow freely.”