Take your seats, guys ’n’ gals, for the Jimmy Savile tour of Leeds

A LEEDS city guide who has begun a new tour based on the life of Sir Jimmy Savile said today he is doing it to help the legendary DJ and broadcaster’s charities live on.

Ken Goor, who runs 56 different tours in the Yorkshire area, has put together a guided walk around places linked to Sir Jimmy in his home city of Leeds.

He said the idea is to celebrate the eccentric fundraiser but also contribute to the charitable causes for which he raised millions of pounds.

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The route includes the star’s childhood home at Consort Terrace, Woodhouse, where he lived for 52 years, the site of his old school and Leeds General Infirmary, where he volunteered for many years.

Other stops include the site of the Mecca Locarno, where Sir Jimmy was a DJ and dance hall manager, the mooring where he kept his boat and the Queens Hotel, where his body “lay in state” at the start of a three-day funeral event at the end of last year.

Mr Goor said he has put together the tour with the help of one of Sir Jimmy’s relatives.

He began with a private group of “guinea pigs” on Monday and then invited the public later in the week.

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The first two tours have already netted £97 for hospices in the area.

Mr Goor said the next tours will be starting in July.

He said: “The general idea was to keep his charities rolling along.

“I do 56 different tours all over the place. If Jimmy could give 90% of his wealth away to charity I think I can give a 56th of what I do.”

Sir Jimmy died in his flat in Leeds in October last year. It was just two days before his 85th birthday.