Teacher accused of sexually grooming two girls

A teacher who has admitted having a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old pupil on a school trip has gone on trial accused of grooming two other teenage girls.

Karl Babiczuk-Brown, 29, has already admitted nine charges against him but denies having relationships with two other girls, aged 14 and 15, he met through a theatre group.

He is accused of a series of sex offences as a result of his alleged behaviour.

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A court heard Babiczuk-Brown was a teacher at Havelock Academy in Grimsby in August last year when he, other staff and pupils went to an arts festival.

Grimsby Crown Court was told that it became clear that a 15-year-old girl was having a relationship with Babiczuk-Brown, who is no longer employed by the school.

"When they returned from that trip to the local area, the police became involved and the defendant was suspended from his job," said Rachael Harrison, prosecuting.

But police then spoke to other people and two other girls were identified.

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One of the other girls spent a day with Babiczuk-Brown, who lives in Louth, Lincolnshire, the court heard.

Miss Harrison said the girl later joined a theatre group, of which Babiczuk-Brown was a member, and began to have contact with him through computer chat and text messages.

"The contact became flirtatious and she was flattered because she regarded the defendant as an attractive older man," said Miss Harrison.

She said Babiczuk-Brown invited the girl to rehearse lines for a production in April 2005. They allegedly hugged, kissed and touched each other, with consensual sexual activity between them.

Babiczuk-Brown allegedly told her: "It'll be our secret."

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"Miss Harrison said the girl met him again a week later and there was more sexual activity between them. Afterwards, there was little contact between them.

"She was upset because she had a crush on him," said Miss Harrison.

The court heard that in 2007, the girl spoke to another girl, who warned her about Babiczuk-Brown because she herself had been having a relationship with him.

The other girl was 15 when she allegedly began meeting Babiczuk-Brown. The court heard they kissed and then again on a second occasion two weeks later with Babiczuk-Brown joking that she and her friend should become his "personal slaves".

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In April 2007, the jury was told they met at a secluded location and there was sexual activity.

During police interviews, Babiczuk-Brown denied any sexual contact between him and the two girls involved in the charges he denies.

He denied suggesting one of the girls and her friend should be his "personal slaves". He claimed there "must be some sort of conspiracy" between the girls.

The prosecution case is that Babiczuk-Brown abused his position resulting from the contact with the teenagers.

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"Nobody is saying that the defendant was forcing these girls to do anything," said Miss Harrison.

"The law is designed to protect girls of this age from themselves. Each accepts it was consensual behaviour but this defendant denies that it ever took place.

"This is a man who abused his position in having contact with these two girls through a theatre group. He was flattered by their attentions."

Babiczuk-Brown denies eight charges including allegations of meeting a child following sexual grooming, sexual activity with a child and causing a child to engage in sexual activity.

The trial continues.