Three injured in blaze at Tata steelworks

THREE men suffered burns when a fire broke out at a steelworks.

The men were treated in hospital and later released following the blaze at Tata Steel in Scunthorpe, which happened in a gas turbine at the plant’s power station just before 2am yesterday.

Eight fire engines attended the scene to assist the on-site fire crew and left just after 5am.

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A spokesman for Tata Steel said: “We had a fire in the power station at our Scunthorpe plant at 2am today which led to three employees being hurt, all of whom have now been released from hospital.

“Our on-site emergency fire and rescue services arrived at the incident two minutes after the alarm was raised ensuring that the fire was dealt with quickly, restoring safety and ensuring that those affected were treated with the utmost speed, care and professionalism.”

The cause is being investigated.