Toby Boyes, retailer

Toby Boyes, who has died at 47, was part of the family of retailers whose name is emblazoned across many a Yorkshire high street.

Toby Boyes

One of the company’s leading buyers, he had worked his way up from a holiday job at the Scarborough store while still a youngster.

Originally from Bradford, he was one of three boys who were the great great grandsons of William Boyes, who had started the business in 1881.

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He studied environmental science at Bradford University and with a father who was a college lecturer and folk singer, and a grandfather in farming, a retail career was by no means a certainty.

But after those seaside shifts during holidays with his grandparents at Ravenscar, the seed was planted, and he moved eventually into management and then merchandising.

A keen cyclist and motorcyclist, he also maintained an interest in music that had begun as a choirboy, travelling the country to sing in churches and cathedrals.

A cystic fibrosis sufferer, he is survived by his wife, Laura, twins Charlie and Grace, and step-daughters Sophie and Lucie.