Tragic son who found mum and gran murdered jumped in front of train

Julie Hill and Rose Hill.Julie Hill and Rose Hill.
Julie Hill and Rose Hill.
A grief-stricken son who discovered the bodies of his mother and grandmother at a house in Shirebrook was killed after being hit by a train.

Liam Scott Parker, 22, of Charnock Crescent, Sheffield, was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics after suffering severe injuries during the collision.

Chesterfield Coroners’ Court heard evidence from PC Joseph Jenkins, of British Transport Police, who said that at 10.38am on April 20 an unidentified man was seen trespassing at the station.

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His statement read: “A train was on the approach to Shirebrook Station at 40mph in preparation to stop at the signals known as Shirebrook East junction.

“The unidentified male entered the network and put himself in a position of danger and was struck by the train.

“The driver described seeing the male move as if jumping from an embankment from a height of about three metres.

“There was a flash and a bang before he struck the male and applied the brake.”

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The court also heard evidence from Dinesh Taraporewalla, chief pathologist at Chesterfield Royal Hospital, which described how Liam had been identified by his fingerprints.

Doctor Robert Hunter, senior coroner for Derbyshire, adjourned the inquest, pending a full investigation report.

The court was told last month how on March 8 Liam Parker had been trying to contact his mum Julie Hill, 51, before he visited her home on Station Road and found her dead.

Liam’s grandmother, Rose Hill, was also found at the property. She had been visiting on Thursday, February 25 and Liam had been trying to make contact on Thursday and Friday but was unable to.

Christopher Whelan, 20, of Sheffield, has been charged with the double murder and is due to appear at Nottingham Crown Court on July 6.

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