A64 gridlock: Travel hell on Yorkshire's holiday route

This is the state of the A64 today as people return from Bank Holiday fun with their families.

Queues on the A64 today.

Bumper-to-bumper and moving at a snail's pace, the snake of cars, caravans and lorries slowly trudges back to homes and workplaces.

The bottle-neck headache has become a part of Yorkshire's holiday seasons and has sparked debate this Easter as people become fed up of sitting in warm vehicles while hardly getting beyond second gear.

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Andrew Vine struck a nerve last week when he wrote for The Yorkshire Post about the two-and-a-half hours it took him to cover less than 70 miles before arriving 'sweaty, fed up and frazzled'.

And readers were quick to react, with many upset at the single-carriageway sections and the time it is taking to improve the trunk road.

But there are arguments against adding more lanes, including this YP letter writer who claims it will just attract more traffic onto the route and won't alleviate the problem.

Would this be accepted in the south? No, says Tom Richmond, and Yorkshire should get its fair share of funding when it comes to transport.

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Travelling on the A64 by Graeme Bandeira
Travelling on the A64 by Graeme Bandeira