Could major road near Harogate be re-opened next weekend?

Repairs to a major road near Harrogate, which has been closed for almost a month, have begun and could see it partially re-opened next weekend.

The A59 at Kex Gill has been closed since May 30

North Yorkshire County Council has been carrying out ground investigations at the A59 at Kex Gill, which has been closed since May 30, and will now begin stabilising the wall below the road.

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Contractors will work over the weekend, in preparation of efforts to stabilise the wall on Monday, potentially enabling NYCC to have a single carriageway open to vehicles under traffic light control. It is hoped this could be done by Saturday July 7.

County Councillor Don Mackenzie, Executive Member for Highways, said: “Since the road closed we have been working to reopen it as soon as possible, albeit under traffic lights initially. We understand the disruption being faced by local communities, travellers who use the road and particularly by local businesses. It is for the sake of all those people that we want to open the road as early as we can safely do so.”

The road closed on May 30, after movement was detected in the carriageway and a crack found in the road. Ground investigations to assess the problem have been carried out following this.

The shotcrete process will see steel rods drilled into the wall, and a reinforcement mesh attached as part of the work to stabilise the road. The concrete will then be sprayed and binded together. It is believed this will fill large voids in the wall.

The carriageway towards the rock wall will also be widened. The repairs will then need to be tested before the road can be opened.

NYCC has said in an announcement today that it will do all it can to keep it open following this. It also is continuing work towards more permanent repairs for the road. Details of this will be put to residents.

However it has previously stated this could mean the road may need to close fully for permanent repairs to be carried out.

The weekend will also see NYCC put out its preferred route for realignment of the stretch of road, which can be viewed at Norwood Social Hall on Broad Dubb Road this Saturday from 10am to 3pm.