Ilkley: Thousands of residents vote overwhelmingly against 20mph speed limit and humps in Yorkshire town

Over 3,000 people have opposed Bradford Council’s proposal to introduce a town-wide 20mph speed limit in Ilkley.

A parish poll was held on Monday night to put a number of questions to the electorate regarding plans for lower limits and the installation of 73 new speed bumps.

After an initial outcry, the council revised the scheme and halved the number of locations earmarked for traffic calming measures following a consultation process.

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There is general support for targeted restrictions around schools and speeding blackspots.

Ilkley town centreIlkley town centre
Ilkley town centre

Results have now been published by Ilkley Town Council, confirming that 3,606 people opposed the town-wide 20mph limit with road humps and 3,059 were against the limit alone.

However, 994 voters were in favour of the town-wide restriction, and just over 2,200 were in favour of targeted 20mph zones. There was also general opposition to Ilkley Town Council’s £87,500 contribution to the scheme.

The turnout was 34 per cent, with just over 4,000 people voting.

Parish polls are uncommon, and are held to gauge public opinion – Bradford Council does not have to implement the results as they are not legally binding.