Pictures from the moment South Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue tackled an A1M lorry fire

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue were assisted by Nottinghamshire fire crews to tackle a lorry blaze on the A1M.

A fire broke out in a lorry load on the A1M between Junction 34, Blyth, and Junction 35, Wadworth on Friday (Apr 5).

Emergency services, including police and South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, attended to tackle the blaze.

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue assisted as the load kept reigniting.

The road was closed and all vehicles caught between the closures were released slowly.

After several hours, the road was opened and a complex recovery, due to the extent of damage to the lorry, went underway.

Only skeletal remains of the lorry’s load remained following the fire.

In a statement South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue said: “A big well done to Control operators and firefighters for their response to this fire.

“And thank you for everyone's patience whilst we dealt with this incident - we know it caused a lot of disruption this morning.”