Yorkshire's lifeboats rescue 231 people

LIFEBOATS RESCUED 231 people off Yorkshire's coast last year, the latest RNLI figures show.

Whitby's all-weather lifeboat launches: lifeboats in Yorkshire rescued 231 people last year

One of the busiest stations in the North of England, Humber saw more rescues than anywhere else in Yorkshire, with its lifeboats launching 67 times and making 71 rescues. Second was Whitby with 40 rescues and Bridlington and Flamborough with 29.

The charity is urging people to take basic precautions including familiarising themselves with the tide tables and knowing the correct way to raise the alarm if in difficulty - ringing 999 and asking for the Coastguard.

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Overall, the lifeboat rescue statistics are nearly identical to 2015 when 230 people were rescued, in 179 launches from the eight stations along Yorkshire’s East Coast.

Nationally the number of launches reached a five-year high with lifeboats being called out 8,851 times in 2016. Launches to people in the water jumped 25 per cent from the previous year.

Deputy launching authority at Bridlington Andy Brompton said: “We did have a slightly busier year. There are stations that are busier than us, but we are needed throughout the year.

“The fishing fleet now travel some distance to their pots so obviously things can happen, they can have their props fouled by a rope or they can have a breakdown. Over the last week we went to three fishing boats.

“The inshore boat is the busiest boat and if it’s a nice day with an offshore wind that can be really busy because you get the inflatable boats blowing out. Over the last few years people entering the water have caused quite a few jobs for that boat. They have entered the water at varying times of night and sadly they haven’t made it.