YP Letters: Heathrow plan shows North isn't on Theresa May's map

is Heathrow's expansion a betrayal of the North?is Heathrow's expansion a betrayal of the North?
is Heathrow's expansion a betrayal of the North?
From: Karl Sheridan, Selby Road, Holme on Spalding Moor.

I HAD great faith in Theresa May after her speech outside Downing Street, especially when she stated she would put the people first rather than the financial sector.

However, after the Government announced that Heathrow will be the chosen airport for expansion, I now consider this to be the second biggest mistake she has made.

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The first error was accepting the ridiculous 35 year contract with EDF to supply nuclear energy at a crippling cost that will be borne by the consumer.

However, this decision for Heathrow proves – as usual – that London businessmen hold sway in determining investment.

Surely it would be far better to situate a larger airport here in the North at Doncaster or Manchester? I wonder what her third mistake is going to be?

From: Alan Disberry, Sheffield.

SO Heathrow is to be extended – assuming that the proposed consultation is steam-rollered through. Yet more millions pumped into an already grossly over-heated London economy.

Meanwhile, in Yorkshire, we still await the completion of the Great Yorkshire Way to Robin Hood Airport more than a decade after the airport was opened.