YP Letters: Near-death experience on unfit-for-purpose A64

From: Mr T Baker, Spring Gardens, Cayton, Scarborough.
Tailbacks on the A64.Tailbacks on the A64.
Tailbacks on the A64.

I AM a regular traveller on 
the A64 Scarborough to York road (four to five days a week) from September to February.

My journey takes me west at 8.45-9am and east at 3.30-4.30pm. I am very, very lucky and cannot believe I am still here to write 
this letter after what happened on my journey recently.

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At about 700-800 yards west of Heslerton there were two articulated vehicles travelling west opposite my vehicle when a private car, travelling west behind these two vehicles, decided to overtake. I was confronted with this idiot directly in front of me. My split second reaction took me to mount the kerb and onto the grass verge. Even then, he or she hit my off-side mirror.

With the above in mind, and the future increases of traffic on this road, plus the farm tractors that use this road and seem to glorify in holding a convoy of many vehicles behind them before giving way, when will something be done to upgrade this out-of-date motor access called the A64?

If there are insufficient funds to upgrade and continue the dual carriageway to Scarborough, then it should be double white lined all the way.

No overtaking, with speed cameras – slow down and “safety first”.