Treasure trove ruling on field coins

A HOARD of coins dating back to the third century which was found in a field in Yorkshire has been declared treasure trove.

At an inquest in Scalby, North Yorkshire East Coroner Michael Oakley was told in a statement by metal detecting enthusiast Margorie Dandy that the coins had been one of three finds, possibly linked, to be discovered at an undisclosed site on the edge of York.

The other finds included a broken pot and other coins about 40 yards away. The finds have been reported to the British Museum.

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The coins, which date back to AD253 and were found in October and November 2008, were described as "rare survivals" of the period by experts at the British Museum, who also said the finds should be considered as treasure.

They are believed to have been originally in multiple containers. In another find, some 546 coins and pottery of the Roman period were found in the area.

Mr Oakley ruled that the finds should be declared treasure trove.

Once the finds have been assessed, they may be offered to Malton Museum or retained by the British Museum.