TV: What's new on Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer & Sky Cinema this week?

Check out our Weekend Magazine TV editor Stuart Chandler's picks for the coming week.

BBC iPlayer: Jamie Johnson

The series focuses on Jamie, a pre-teen from Nottingham who lives and breathes football.

His only goal is to become a professional player, but his complicated private life may put obstacles in his way. The second series sees Jamie face his biggest challenge yet - himself.

BBC Three: I Shot My Parents

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In the United States, on average, five parents a week are killed by their children.

I Shot My Parents, a compelling hour long documentary for BBC Three, follows the dramatic case of 14 year old Nathon Brooks from Washington State who in 2013 shot his parents while they slept.

Sky Box Sets: Atlanta

The series follows Earn (Donald Glover) during his daily life in Atlanta, Georgia, as he tries to redeem himself in the eyes of his ex-girlfriend (the mother of his daughter), his parents, and his cousin, who raps under the stage name “Paper Boi”.

Amazon Prime: Amazon Pilot Season: Oasis

Set in the near future, Oasis tells the story of priest Peter Leigh, who is called to a remote planet where a mysterious multinational company is building the first permanent off-Earth human colony. The planet, Oasis, is humanity’s last chance to escape from Earth’s impending collapse.

What's new on Netflix: The Get Down

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It took film-maker Baz Luhrman 10 years to get this musical drama to the screen.

Although he grew up in Australia, he was interested in 1970s New York, an era that, despite the city facing bankruptcy, gave birth to three major music genres - hip-hop, disco and punk.

The first six episodes aired in August and September last year, now the rest of the run is here.

Series 3 of Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul also begins this week. It's had mixed reviews, but if you're sticking with it, Series 3 is apparently going to get pretty good.

Sky Cinema: Star Trek Beyond (2016, Sky 12)

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The USS Enterprise crew face a ruthless new enemy in this epic sci-fi adventure from Fast & Furious director Justin Lin.

When a devastating ambush leaves them stranded on an alien planet, Kirk (Chris Pine) and crew must regroup and take the fight to brutish villain Krall (Idris Elba).

The regulars – including the late Anton Yelchin – all play their part, but it’s the bromantic bickering between Spock (Zachary Quinto) and Karl Urban’s Bones that steals the show.

Forget the splashy special effects and world-saving shenanigans, it’s all about Bones growling “God damn it man” as a silent, stone-faced Spock slowly raises an eyebrow. From Friday.

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