UK drivers face massive £640 speeding fines in Europe starting today

British drivers caught speeding in Europe will face bumper new fines, starting from today.

Drivers face big speeding fines in Europe

A new directive being introduced as of May 6 means that drivers from the UK caught breaking the speed limit can be fined up to £640 for speeding in France, the Netherlands and Belgium.

The change comes despite the fact Europeans caught speeding in the UK may not have to pay fines.

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The 'unfair' one-way system has been criticised by campaigners

This is because in the UK, the drivers of the car, not the owners, are prosecuted.

In France, Belgium and the Netherlands, the car's owner has to pay up.

It means that although all EU members can access information on vehicles breaking the law, only some of them can use it for prosecutions.

Figures from the Treasury show that over 23,000 foreign cars escape speeding fines in the UK every year at a cost of £2.3million in lost fines.