BBC’s staff rejoin after being laid off

THE BBC has admitted it is “inevitable” some staff who have been laid off may rejoin the corporation, after it was revealed almost 300 people have been re-hired in the past 12 years after being paid out more than £10 million.

It is understood that 286 full-time staff made redundant between the beginning of September 2002 and August 31 this year were given a total of £10,230,905 - but later re-hired on permanent or fixed-term contracts.

Eighty-one staff have been re-employed in the past four years since the licence fee was frozen, the paper reported following a Freedom of Information request to the corporation.

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The BBC has said after “huge restructuring” over the past 12 years the organisation now employs about 3,000 fewerstaff.

A spokesman for the broadcasting corporation said: “The pay bill is £115m less in real terms, while we provide many more services, and are on course to make £800m of savings annually by 2017.

“Our rules are stricter than civil service and during 12 year period it is inevitable a small number of staff will leave and re-join.”