Finnegans wake to literary challenge

FINNEGANS OF the world have been told to unite to bring to life one of Ireland’s most well known yet hardest-to-read books.

Finns, Fionas, Finnbars, Fintons and Finnualas are also invited to get involved in what has been heralded as the first full-length public performance of James Joyce’s novel, Finnegans Wake. The live reading of the complex and famously impenetrable work will take place over a week-and-a-half from August 1 in Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh.

Titled “Awake All Finnegans”, the marathon venture will see each participant read, whisper, shout or sing four pages of the book. It is being staged as part of the annual Happy Days Festival in Enniskillen to celebrate the life of another of Ireland’s literary greats, Samuel Beckett. Beckett was a great friend of Joyce and regarded him as a mentor.

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