Screen test passed with flying colours

HUNDREDS of people from Leeds and beyond congregated in the city’s Millennium Square where the entire Royal wedding ceremony and celebration was beamed via the square’s big screen.

Some waved flags, dressed in patriotic colours or painted their faces for the day.

Others simply looked on with pride as Prince William and his bride exchanged vows and made history in London.

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Among those enjoying the historic day were Alistair and Torie Wrae, who headed to the square to watch the ceremony with their daughters, five-year-old Niamh and three-year-old Esme.

Elsewhere in the square, Peter Killeen and Amy O’Connell were among those looking on intently at the big screen as the couple were married in Westminster Abbey and were then taken by carriage to Buckingham Palace.

Among those enjoying the day were Tom Hunter and his girlfriend Sandy Brodus.

Mr Hunter, 26 and from Leeds, said: “I came to Millennium Square when I was a student to see Nelson Mandela speak and I wanted to be here for this latest historic occasion.”

Ms Brodus, 26, and from Wakefield, said: “There’s such a great atmosphere here. It’s really made me feel part of the celebrations. I’ll always remember it.”