VIDEO: Did terrified Bradshaw mum film a Lynx in Halifax?

A woman has spoken of her terror after coming face to face with a mysterious big cat roaming the fields of Calderdale.

Bernadette Western and Charlie at the spot near Ogden where they saw the creature

Bernadette Western, 45, of Bradshaw, Halifax, was walking her dog near Ogden last Saturday when she came across the creature.

The mum-of-two said: “I was walking my dog, Charlie, when I saw what I thought was a fox walking in the middle of the road. I called Charlie back and it turned round it had a cat’s face.

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“When it heard us, it jumped over the wall, came out into a clearing and just sat there. It was a big cat, my dog is a Golden Retriever and it wasn’t much smaller than him.

Bernadette Western and Charlie at the spot near Ogden where they saw the creature

“It was white at either side of its mouth, where its whiskers were, a patch of white on its chest and a white tip on the end of its tail. Its body was quite dark, a dark brown or red colour, and it had pointed ears.

“Its face was very much like a domestic cat. It was really scary as I just didn’t know what it was. It didn’t seem agitated and we walked past it, but when I saw the cat’s face I was scared.

“It didn’t show its teeth, it just sat there looking at us. I put it on Facebook and one man who lives in Shibden said he had seen something similar. I just want to know what it is as it’s not something you see everyday.”

A spokesperson for Calderdale Council’s countryside team said: “We have not had any reports of sightings of a large cat-like creature at Ogden, or any other of our sites around Calderdale.”

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Pause the video at around five seconds in to see a glimpse of the creature, which bears a resemblance to a Lynx.