Video - Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, but one magician has launched his biggest projects to date – a series of inflatable superheroes

Paul Brown, 47, who runs entertainment business Magical Mayhem, first created an Incredible Hulk body suit out of balloons last week to see if it was possible.

It has since became an internet sensation, with more than 160,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook. Now Paul, from Brizlincote Valley, has decided to create a whole series of balloon superheroes, as part of a project to inspire young pupils in schools. Paul, who has been doing balloon modelling for 30 years, said: “This is pushing balloon modelling to its absolute limits. Each of the balloon body suits takes me around eight hours. I’m really proud of it to be honest.” This week Paul made Superman out of balloons, in two weeks’ time he will create a Captain America, and there are also plans to make a Batman or a Spiderman. He now wants to start balloon workshops in schools to get kids interested in it.

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