Video: How about a Valentine’s tickle with a stick of rhubarb?

RHUBARB from the Yorkshire Triangle is famous the world over - but on Valentine’s Day it takes on a special significance.

Janet Oldroyd-Hulme in the rhubarb sheds

The traditional “winter fruit” force-grown in darkened sheds in the triangle of villages around Wakefield, is apparently known for its powerful aphrodisiac qualities.

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According to some studies, red rhubarb stalks have been used as a romantic stimulant since the Chinese fist cultivated the plant in 2700 BC. Its natural sugars are said to rejuvenate men and women alike.

We took a box fresh from leading grower Janet Oldroyd-Hulme on to the streets of West Yorkshire for a Valentine’s taste - and romance - test. Click the screen to watch the results.

Janet Oldroyd-Hulme in the rhubarb sheds