VIDEO: Is this a UFO over Yorkshire? Footage shows unexplained 'crazy dancing lights' in the skies

Bolton Abbey, where the footage was filmedBolton Abbey, where the footage was filmed
Bolton Abbey, where the footage was filmed
A UFO investigator has captured this footage of mysterious dancing lights in the night sky over Yorkshire.

The strange phenomenon appears to show a light moving in a circular motion in the sky over Bolton Abbey, North Yorkshire - but the lights are apparently visible across much of the county.

The man who captured the footage, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: "They are very visible and they are literally everywhere. I am going out again to Bolton Abbey tonight but I'm only using my phone. If you have a decent enough camera you will pick up a lot more.

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"This has been the third day in a row were I have seen these things and it doesn't look like they are going away. I understand how crazy this sounds, but honestly check it out."

So what exactly are these crazy dancing lights? And have you seen them?