Video: Just in time for Yorkshire Day... it’s Pork Minster!

ITS dramatic West Front may not be quite as sturdy, and there is no sign of the ancient gargoyles glaring down from its spires.

But it is most certainly York Minster - just not quite as we know it.

A team of Yorkshire pork pie makers have painstakingly recreated the iconic building out of meat and pastry to celebrate Yorkshire Day, and are throwing down the gauntlet to a Lancashire rival who has launched a bid to see which region produces the best in the north.

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Neil Court-Johnston, managing director of Wigan-based pie manufacturers Poole’s, has set up the competition to find the best pork pie in Yorkshire, with it then to challenge the best pie over the pennines on Lancashire Day - November 27 – to be crowned the finest in the north.

According to Mr Court-Johnston, Yorkshire is unique as it does not already have a favourite brand of pie.

And pork pie makers Hinchliffe’s Farm Shop, based near Huddersfield, has laid down an early marker with this creation.

General manager Simon Hirst said: “Yorkshire Day has been going for over 30 years, and celebrates everything Yorkshire, but especially the integrity of the county.

“Each year, on this day, members of the Yorkshire Ridings Society read a declaration of the integrity of Yorkshire at four of the Bars of York.

“We are incredibly proud of our Yorkshire heritage and it only seemed fitting to support Yorkshire Day with a pork pie tribute to York Minster.”

Gary Verity, chief executive of Welcome to Yorkshire, added: “What a perfect Yorkshire combination - fantastic food and an amazing attraction rolled into one.

“This fusion shows off just two of Yorkshire’s many great attributes and I’m sure it will prove a tasty hit with visitors this Yorkshire Day.”