Video: Van driver in 104mph police chase on York by-pass

A VAN driver has been jailed for more than a year following a high-speed police chase along a busy North Yorkshire road.

Yesterday Simon Seaton, 42, left, of Filey Road, Scarborough, was jailed for a total of 15 months and banned from driving for two years following a high-speed pursuit along the A64 between Bilborough Top and Malton.

Seaton, was clocked travelling at 92 mph in the red Mercedes panel van when he passed police officers at around 1.30pm on September 15, 2009.

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He failed to stop when they attempted to pull him over, and the officers pursued him towards York. The high-speed chase continued around the York by-pass and along the A64 towards Malton at speeds of up to 104mph. Seaton drove erratically through busy traffic, weaving in and out of other vehicles and into the path of oncoming cars.

The van finally came to a halt on the A64 at the Malton by-pass, where Seaton was arrested. A knuckle-duster and hammer handle were found in his vehicle.

Seaton was found guilty in November 2010 of one charge of dangerous driving, and two charges of possessing an offensive weapon

He was sentenced at York Crown Court yesterday, receiving nine months imprisonment for dangerous driving and three months for each charge of possessing an offensive weapon. He was also banned for two years.

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One of the officers involved, TC Zoe Billings, said: "Driving at such high speeds along a busy road, Seaton showed complete disregard for the safety of other road users.

His arrogance in ignoring police instructions to stop showed contempt for the law and the safety of others. His driving caused other road users to take evasive action and put many motorists at risk."