VIDEO: Watch as determined duo become first to defeat £15 belly-busting breakfast at Doncaster cafe

Two men have become the first customers to demolish a mammoth £15 breakfast that's been defeating diners at a Doncaster cafe.

Mat and Tim became the first customers to see off Ted Phillips' Terminator 2 breakfast. (Photo: Shepherd's Place Farm).

The terrifying and belly-busting Terminator 2 fry-up had seen off a string of contenders who dared to take on the challenge at Shepherd's Place Farm Cafe near Haxey.

But customer Mat Retallack-Hall became the king of the breakfast when he was first to clear his plate - and was followed just moments later on the very same day by Tim Walters.

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Could you eat this £15 belly busting breakfast that's defeating diners at a Don...
Mat and Tim became the first customers to see off Ted Phillips' Terminator 2 breakfast. (Photo: Shepherd's Place Farm).

The pair made short work of the whopping full English that has eight sausages, eight rashers of bacon, eight eggs, eight hash browns, baked beans, black pudding, mushrooms, tomatoes and eight slices of toast - and also comes with a mug of tea or coffee.

Mat saw the breakfast off in half an hour, while Tim took slightly longer at 33 minutes.

Farm and cafe owner Ted Phillips said: "Mat became the Terminator 2 king as the first man to do the challenge but we had two kings in one day with Tim too. Massive applause to these two - food giants."

Mat Retallack-Hall became the first man to eat the 15 breakfast.

Mat can be seen struggling with his last forkful - using his fingers to scoop up a piece of egg before clearing his platter to applause and cheers.

Tim then does the same - although both appear pretty stuffed after their challenge!

Mr Phillips says people have come from all over nothern England to take on the mammoth meal - which was introduced after several customers had no problem in clearing a plate called the Terminator - half the size of its bigger, better brother and which costs £7.50.

The whopping breakfast has defeated many diners.

Diners who manage to polish off the breakfast have their name added to the cafe's wall of fame.

The breakfast is so big it has to be served up on huge serving platters that measure 55cm by 40cm - and it's proved so popular Mr Phillips is having to order more.

Ted, 51, says since introducing the Terminator and Terminator 2 challenges at the cafe in Akeferry Road, Graizelound he's had visitors from Leeds, Selby, Hull and North Yorkshire attempting to take on the demon dish - and he says many of his customers have been women.

"It's not just the big lads having a go," he said, "there's plenty of women up for the challenge too."

Spurred on by the success of the breakfasts, the cafe is planning an event later in the year called Judgement Day - when diners will take part in a Man v Food style challenge with trophies and prizes available for the victors.

As well as the cafe, the farm also boasts an ice cream parlour, tea room and a petting farm. More details are available at the Shepherd's Place Farm website HERE.