VIDEO: You wheelie wouldn't expect this!

It was a case of bin and gone when this refuse truck was doing its rounds in Bridlington earlier this week.

The council said the bin had a damaged wheel
The council said the bin had a damaged wheel

Neighbours who captured the video said the homeowner spent two days looking for their bin - but CCTV footage showed it had been chucked into the back of the wagon, once the contents had been removed.

Ross Bonnett, who captured the video, said: "He has no idea why it was taken. The bin wasn't broken and he doesn't have more than one. The bin was lined up with another two, but that's the same place he puts it every time it gets emptied."

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The incident happened in St George's Croft on Wednesday and has prompted plenty of baffled comments on social media since the video was posted, with people trying to work out why it had happened.

The council said the bin had a damaged wheel

A spokesman for East Riding of Yorkshire Council said: "The green wheelie bin had a broken wheel but the refuse worker should have alerted colleagues to arrange for a replacement rather than disposing of the bin in this way. "We apologise to the resident and we have arranged for a new green bin to be delivered to the address as soon as possible."