Wake-up call

ONE of the prime reasons for public cynicism towards David Cameron’s Big Society project has been the simple question of where the money is coming from.

After all, while it might sound a laudable idea for charities, voluntary groups and ordinary citizens to do those things which the state has struggled to do in the past – and which it is now struggling to afford to do – there is always the matter of hard cash.

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Direct government funding, of course, even if any were available, would undermine the whole idea of the nation taking responsibility for itself. So it makes sense for money which has sat untouched for 15 years or more in dormant bank accounts to be channelled towards where it can actually do some good.

There is much more work for Ministers to do in turning Mr Cameron’s nebulous concept into practical ideas that will convince a sceptical public. Yet, with the Big Society Investment Fund now up and running, the Prime Minister is finally showing that he means business.