Watch amazing video of fox family playing in Leeds back garden

This stunning footage taken in a suburban garden in Leeds shows two foxes and their fives cubs playing in broad daylight.

The vulpine family have a den under the shed in Rob Greenland's back garden in Moortown. The three-week-old cubs can often be seen playing on the lawn in the morning and evening.

"This is the second year that we’ve had a family of foxes in the back garden - we’re pretty sure it’s the same mum and dad as last year," said Rob.

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"There are five cubs - there were six last year. They usually come out for around an hour between 7 and 8.30am - and then often in the evening around 8pm. They play out more when it’s sunny.

"Our garden isn’t that big but as you can see in the film there’s a hedge across the bottom separating some raised beds from the rest of the garden. That seems to provide the young cubs with a safe play area in the first couple of weeks - and they stay in that area, and gradually they get more confident and stronger and start jumping up onto the raised beds.

"In the last week they’ve started venturing into the rest of the garden - and jumping over the hedge etc, chasing each other. The mum is still feeding them, and the dad seems to do most of the searching for other food. She looks in really good health - him less so, he seems to have mange. All the cubs look really healthy.

"It was interesting to see they were born a couple of weeks later than last year - probably due to the poor winter. If it’s like last year, they’ll probably be around for a couple of weeks more - and then they’ll be gone. Until next year, maybe!"

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