WATCH: The day late Last Of The Summer Wine star Peter Sallis was drenched filming episode in Doncaster park

Tributes have been paid following the death of Last of The Summer Wine star Peter Sallis - but did you know the actor once got a drenching filming an episode in a Doncaster park?

Peter Sallis gets a soaking in Sandall Park lake.

The actor, whose death was announced yesterday at the age of 96, filmed an episode of the long-running sitcom at Sandall Park exactly forty years ago.

In the episode, entitled Who's Made A Bit Of A Splash In Wales, Then" and which you can watch in full here, Foggy (Brian Wilde) is seen rolling down a hill in the park in a wheelchair while he slumbers.

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Clegg, played by Sallis and Compo (Bill Owen) give chase to the wheelchair - and end up taking a dip in the park's lake - while Foggy, who manages to stay dry after stopping the wheelchair at the lake's edge, ends up chuckling as the angry pair end up getting a soaking.

Peter Sallis as Clegg, Brian Wilde as Foggy and Bill Owen as Compo in Last Of The Summer Wine.

The episode, part of the fourth series of the sitcom, which ran for nearly 40 years, was first aired in December 1977.

While much of the series was filmed in and around Holmfirth in West Yorkshire, Doncaster-based writer Roy Clarke often chose local locations for filming and his other sitcom classic, Open All Hours and follow-up Still Open All Hours were filmed at a converted hairdressing salon in Balby.

Sallis. who was also famous as the voice of Wallace in Wallace and Gromit, played Norman "Cleggy" Clegg in Last of the Summer Wine from its first episode in 1973 until the series concluded in 2010.

He was the only actor to appear in all 295 episodes of the sitcom.

Peter Sallis as Clegg, Brian Wilde as Foggy and Bill Owen as Compo in Last Of The Summer Wine.