WATCH: Hear from Gary Barlow fans queuing outside Halifax's Victoria Theatre.. 36 hours before gates open!

Die-hard fans of pop sensation Gary Barlow have taken their position in the queue outside the Victoria Theatre in Halifax nearly two days before the doors swing open to his big gig.

Die-hard Gary Barlow fans queue outside the Victoria Theatre in Halifax.
Die-hard Gary Barlow fans queue outside the Victoria Theatre in Halifax.

Having come from as far as France, Spain and, well, West Yorkshire, the trio of supporters braved cool temperatures to make absolutely sure they're in pole position when it comes to the rush to the front of the stage, bringing sleeping bags along in order to sleep under the stars.

"We know we'll be let in at the same time as everybody else, but we're used to doing this," said Victoria, from Liversedge, "we've got sleeping bags and I've got a pop-up tent but I'm not sure if I'm going to use it.

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"The weather isn't as warm as we might like, but he's worth it!"

Die-hard Gary Barlow fans queue outside the Victoria Theatre in Halifax.

Aoife, who has travelled to Halifax from Barcelona for her glimpse of the former Take That man, is on her tenth trip of his current tour, which started just over a month ago. She travels to and from Spain in between gigs.

"These are my holidays for the year," she said, "I love him. This is something I am used to doing now."

It's a sentiment shared by Aurore, from Amiens in France.

She said: "He's just so nice and so talented. Everything he does is just amazing - all the charity work he does, turning up to the birthdays and weddings of fans, it's amazing. That is why we are here!"

The Victoria Theatre, Halifax.

The trio, who are members of a committed core of fans known across social media as the 'Barlow Army', met on the road at Gary's gigs. Whilst they are all friends now, the battle will commence to get to the front of the stage for a chance to be hauled on stage and serenaded to one of Take That's most iconic numbers.

"We all want to be his 'Million Love Songs' girl," said Victoria, "that's why we want to get to the front."

Gary will play to a sold-out Victoria Theatre crowd of 1,500 tomorrow evening. With comedienne Sarah Millican taking to the stage tonight just days after big-name indie stars James, excitement is raging at the venue.