WATCH: Man suffers 'uncomfortable experience' at Sheffield IKEA thanks to 'hypersensitive toilet'

A customer has left a hilariously scathing review of the toilets at Sheffield IKEA after one of the most 'uncomfortable experiences' of his life.

IKEA - Picture: Marisa Cashill

Neil Taylor visited the huge new IKEA store on Tinsley Road on Wednesday, October 4, when he decided he needed a quick bathroom break.

However, whilst he was sat on the toilet he was left 'bewildered' when his toilet randomly began flushing.

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Mr Taylor said he had not flushed his own toilet but was soon 'horrified' to learn that it was his toilet that was flushing.

IKEA - Picture: Marisa Cashill

A video, taken by Mr Taylor, reveals that the toilets at Sheffield IKEA are motion sensitive and will be flushed whenever a hand is near it.

But, as the video shows, it seems that the motion detectors are slightly too sensitive, causing the toilet to flush without Mr Taylor's knowledge.

Mr Taylor jokingly said he felt 'slightly violated and rather damp' in a hilarious review he posted to IKEA on Facebook, which you can read in full here.

The video has since gone viral on Facebook, being shared more than 1,300 times and liked by 2,600 people.

IKEA - Picture: Marisa Cashill

An IKEA spokesperson decided to reply to Mr Taylor's entertaining post and thanked him for the message.

Connor, from IKEA, said: "After taking a few minutes to walk outside and contemplate my life choices; I've come back to say thank you for your message."We're elated that you're enjoying the new store, despite some hiccups which will get ironed out in the coming weeks, minus the diam cake; if we iron that it's just going to make a bigger mess than our facilities have made to your bits and pieces."I hope that your highly lively description of your experience using the facilities is the standard for you, if not then for you own health you may want to consult your local GP."I have taken the liberty of forwarding a copy of your message onto store in the hope that there is a way to decrease how sensitive these sensors are."My only concern was with your description of our new store being a temple. If I saw someone kneeling down in store, praying to a KALLAX or a BILLY; I'd give them a wide berth."Thanks again for taking the time to recall your tale. If you can drop me a PM in your own time, that would be grand."