WEATHER: Yorkshire braced for heavy downpours which could last for HOURS

It look as if the spring sunshine and warm weather we all enjoyed last week has well and truly vanished.

Heavy rain predicted for Yorkshire

Rain has been forecast for Yorkshire for all of Tuesday afternoon, continuing well into the evening.

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In what has been a very unsettled start to 2018, it look as though the weather conditions are about to take a turn for the worse once again.

After months of snow, rain, wind and eventually sunshine, the weather is set to throw up another curve ball.

Following on from a week of glorious sunshine and high temperatures, the beginning of this week has seen a much cooler and cloudier weather front.

And today it set to get a whole lot worse, with hours of heavy rain predicted by the Met Office, with highs of just 13C.

Hour-by-hour weather forecast for Yorkshire:

8am: Cloudy

9am: Cloudy

10am: Cloudy

11am: Cloudy

12pm: Overcast

1pm: Overcast

2pm: Heavy rain

3pm: Heavy rain

4pm: Heavy rain

5pm: Heavy rain

6pm: Heavy rain

7pm: Heavy rain

8pm: Heavy rain

9pm: Heavy rain

10pm: Light rain

11pm: Cloudy