Beach huts in Whitby destroyed by autumn storms on Yorkshire coast will be removed as shocking footage of tourists dodging waves emerges

A number of beach huts in Whitby have been severely damaged by high waves during recent autumn storms – with at least one completely destroyed.

North Yorkshire Council, which leases the chalets to tenants, will now remove them from their seafront location ahead of winter.

Corporate director of environment Karl Battersby, said: “We have assessed around a dozen beach huts following the recent stormy weather and the damaged huts will be repaired or replaced for the 2024 seasonal chalet tenants.

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“In September, we started removing the huts for winter, which takes around 12 weeks. This will be completed by the start of December subject to weather conditions.”

Their decision comes as Whitby photographer Glenn Kilpatrick captured shocking footage of tourists on the East Pier dodging huge waves – some of which struck them and left them soaked through.

Mr Kilpatrick filmed a young Japanese woman being hit by several waves before Coastguard officers arrived to escort people off the pier, including a family with a young child.

The East Pier has been closed to the public due to the dangerous conditions following Coastguard advice and several incidents involving children.

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Whitby Coastguard said: "Due to several incidents involving the public, including children, East Pier is closed to the public for safety reasons.

At least one of the beach huts looks to have been completely destroyedAt least one of the beach huts looks to have been completely destroyed
At least one of the beach huts looks to have been completely destroyed

"The current weather and sea conditions are bringing the waves considerably and dangerously high, meaning anyone in the vicinity could be knocked off the sea wall in a matter of seconds."

"Although these rough seas are spectacular to witness we urge you to watch from a safe distance and take notice when roads and piers are closed.

"Please take heed, be sensible and be safe.'

In nearby Sandsend, cars were damaged by the high tides, while in the fishing village of Staithes a couple were swept off a sea wall and had to be rescued.

Storm Ciaran is due to bring more severe weather to coastal areas when it hits the country on Thursday and Friday.