Pictures show how river in Yorkshire has dried up as warm weather continues into the weekend

These pictures show the impact the long period of hot, dry weather Yorkshire has experienced has had on a river in Yorkshire.

The river Skirfare dries up every summer during a hot spell as the water flows underground north of Litton, into huge caverns under the riverbed and re-emerges near Arncliffe downstream. In the images local farmer Stewart Lund, who keeps his sheep in the area around the river, surveys the scene.

It comes after more than a week of bright sunshine across Yorkshire, with temperatures reaching the late 20s and summer begins to rear its head. And despite a couple of thunderous downpours, there still hasn’t been enough rain to keep the water flowing above ground.

That should change by next week however, with a long period of rain set to bring the wet weather back to the region. Temperatures are set to hit the mid-20s again in Yorkshire this weekend, but next week the rain is set to return, with the Met Office forecasting showers on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Its forecast for the weekend says: “Another fine and very warm day, although with more in the way of cloud around than of late. As a result, the sunshine is likely to be hazy at times. Maximum temperature 27 °C.” However, for Sunday to Tuesday, it adds: “Still some sunshine but rather more cloud around than of late, with showers and thunderstorms possible and the potential for some torrential downpours. Staying warm, with an increasingly humid feel.”

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