Scarborough residents stunned after 'mini-tornado' tears through Eastfield and rips roof from Plaxton

Strong winds which swept across a corner of Eastfield this morning have torn the roof from bus construction firm Plaxton.

The roof of the Plaxton site was badly damaged by the extreme weather.

High Street resident Chris Low said shortly before 7am this morning he heard a great rush of wind, which he described as a "mini-tornado".

Mr Low, 48, said: "It was definitely a mini-tornado - I saw it with my own eyes.

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"It took the ridge tiles from four of the five homes near me and it began raining roof tiles. Yet the bungalows over the road have been unaffected."

Trees were uprooted at several sites in Eastfield. (Photo: Chris Low)

The "mini-tornado" then headed down Cayton Low Road where a few moments later it hit Plaxton and ripped off the corrugated asbestos roof.

All of the site's staff have been sent home due to health and safety risks after significant damage was caused.

Some workers will remain at the Plaxton factory to carry out risk assessments and ensure the building is structurally sound.

The Met Office said wind speeds reached 38mph overnight and gusts were as high as 36mph at 1pm this afternoon.

Mr Low said: "It was all over in 30 seconds, it upended my daughter's trampoline and felled a tree.

"It's a good thing it happened when it did, given our proximity to the school and the main thing is nobody got hurt."

Cllr Tony Randerson, who represents the Eastfield ward, said: "There is a tree down at the bottom of the High Street which I have reported to Scarborough Borough Council and they hope to sort out today."

A large tree also fell in the car park of George Pindar School, but it was cleared away by early afternoon.